Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bee Bee Girl

So I'm really sad to say that our family Chow Chow Bee Bee died yesterday. Now I know that some people think it's ridiculous to be so devastated when losing a pet, but Bee Bee was a part of our family. She was there to comfort every family member, and watch over us. She was the most amazing guard dog. She was sweet, especially for a Chow. I never saw the kind of aggression in that dog, that some people describe as common in Chows. She had quite the personality too. She was named Bee Bee, as a kind of nod to Betty Boop(B.B), but as she got older, her named took a more literal turn. She used to sit in front of bushes and plants, and literally eat bees. And no matter how much she got stung, she still sat there and ate bees. I'm really going to miss that. I remember coming home everyday from school, and she was always waiting by the gate for me. Excited to see me. As soon as I came into the yard, she would run up the porch as I approached it and then turn around and face me. She would just wait there patiently for me to greet her. I would pet her face and give her a little kiss on her wet puppy nose. It became such a routine, that now, not being able to do that anymore, just doesn't see right. I think I'm going to miss that the most. No matter how old she got, she still behaved like the youthful puppy she was at heart. She loved to go on walks. She would practically jump on top of you as soon as you pulled the leash out. Aha I remember walking her one time. Her leash came off and she still trotted along. I was distracted for a moment, didn't even notice she was yards away from me. Having to chase her, and of course Bee Bee still unaware that I was trying to chase her down. Another time she spotted a gopher, and almost took me along for the ride down a very steep hill. Always youthful and happy that dog was. Bee Bee was always full of quirky traits. From chasing rocks when thrown, to lying in gravel trying to scratch her own back. She would even bark staring at the door just for us to let her in and out. I guess she thought she was to sophisticated to use the dog door like Missy Dash. I loved finding her snoring as loud as can be on the couch. Or occasionally finding her in my room sleeping on my bed( it's a real treat specially since she decided to roll in dirt beforehand). Just so many things that I look back on and laugh, but sad to know I wont see them again. Bee Bee always had a cute Teddy bear face, which seemed to me like she was always smiling. She was a Christmas Gift to the family back in 96', and we lost her on April 25Th, 2011. I'm never going to forget that day. I really wasn't expecting it at all. The day before, on Easter, she seemed perfectly fine. But as the next day rolled around it was everything but fine. I'm just glad I got to be there to comfort her in her last moments of life. She seemed to be in pain, and a familiar face and voice seemed to make her feel more comfortable. I love that dog so much. And I'm really sad to have to see her go. But she lived a great life, living up to 15 years of age. We had a good run with Bee Bee, and even though she's gone. Her presence will always be around. She made way to many memories in that home, to never ever forget her. I love you Bee Bee girl...

This was her smiling face I adored so much...
And Bee Bee not too amused on Christmas aha
Not a pleasant suprise. She rolled around in dirt and decided to take a nap on my bed. I was NOT a happy camper. But looking back on it now I find it kinda funny.
Puppy eyes

I Love you Bee Bee Girl.
R.I.P 12/25/96 - 4/25/11

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