Sunday, May 13, 2012

Be My Baby

So as I've mentioned before, I have an obsession with the sixties. And my goal in life is to marry a musician(or Matthew Gray Gubler), learn grandmotherly skills by the time I'm 25 and to perfect quintessential sixties fashion staples. I've gotten pretty good at the cut crease mod eye, and I've been doing cat eyes since I first started wearing makeup. Clothing wise, I do a wonderful job at putting outfits together(check out my polyvore sometime). And one of my favorite fashion staples is the beehive. Oh, how I adore big hair! The bigger the better, I always say! However, if you're familiar with the beehive, you know how difficult it can be to do. Now I don't have very much hair to begin with. So I questioned whether or not I would need to buy some wefts or make a hair rat. My mother told me how her aunts would put balled up newspaper in their beehives to make it stand taller. But I opted against it. I wanted to try to use all my own hair.

So I turned on The Ronettes, and got to styling! I think it took about 30 minutes to do. I was playing around with it to see what looked best. I think I've finally got a set way of achieving it!

Have a look-see!
So I'm actually rocking the beehive again today. I wanted to style my hair like this everyday for a week, to make sure I got the hang of it. I'm planning on filming a tutorial at the end to share with you guys! But before that I have to perfect this baby. How exciting!

Well here's a video of me being a goofball! I felt like Kate Pierson or Cindy Wilson from The B-52's!

Monday, May 7, 2012

60's Throwback!

I just love the sixties! Music, fashion, hair, and makeup! Not to mention it's really rich in culture and history. I'm just so fascinated by the sixties, I often find myself obsessing over it!

The one 60's staple that I've been trying to perfect is the cut crease mod eye! Everyone from Twiggy Larson, Sharon Tate, Pattie Boyd, and Edie Sedgwick have been seen sporting variations of the look!
It's not the easiest look to achieve! But here are a few of my attempts. I did a blue look similar to the one Twiggy's sporting, and a more classic cut crease. Note: My skin was extra dry and patchy due to a recent breakout. it's much better now, but looked awful here.

Here is the blue look.

And here is the more classic neutral cut crease!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Primadonna Girl, yeah. All I ever wanted was the world.

If you haven't heard Marina and the Diamond's "Primadonna" by now, I suggest you do that right now! Actually, just watch the music video, it's adorable! So I was obsessing over the music video and Marina's entire look. It was a bit of a throw back to the 60's, which happens to be my favorite decade! So naturally, I tried recreating the look!

I have no clue as to why I only took black & white photos. . . Maybe I'll do this look again sometime so you can see it in color! But for now just enjoy this!

Ziggy Stardust danced upon my eyelids!

This is a bit of a makeup look I came up with one late night. I had recently bought some glitters and I just couldn't wait to try them out!

My camera was about to die, so I only took a few snapshots!

Enjoy the 20lbs of glitter and pink eye shadow!
I tend to wear my gross scrubby shirt when playing with makeup, sowwy guise!

With a Smile and a Song

First off, I am so sorry! I've been terrible at keeping up with my blog! So for that, I apologize.
I'm a bit of a night owl, which often leaves me being my most creative and animated! Speaking of animated. This next look is something I did on a sort of whim!

As I child I always really loved Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves". My mother had a costume made for me when I was three. I would where it constantly! I would never take it off! I would frolic around in the front yard pretending I was in the enchanted spooky forest. I even went as far as singing to the imaginary bird perched on my finger! Oh, let's not forget acting out scenes non stop. My favorite was lacing my arms over my face, letting out a gasp, while the huntsman tried stabbing me with his dagger. My older sister would be so angry when my mom would take me with her to pick my sister up from school because I would still be wearing my costume. Pffttt, I was fabulous!

Another thing I've always been interested in were the Face Characters at Disneyland. The princesses in particular. Beautiful, yet caked with makeup(not really a bad thing to this glamourpuss). Anyways, I did some research on the subject. Turns out the actors have to apply the makeup themselves. Disney rules gives them a color chart to abide by as well as a few products for them to use. You can use your own products, but still following the guidelines to your character. So with that, I wanted to achieve my own "Snow White" look. And here is what I came up with.

I also had a little fun with hair. I even found myself a red bow to grace the top of my head!