Sunday, April 8, 2018

For Those Who Love To Live

You know, I can think of very few things as magical as Phil Lynott's voice. He had the kind of voice that reminds me of crushed velvet. You run your hand over the luxe fabric one way and it's soft, smooth, delicate even. Then you run your hand the other way, and now it's a little bit rough and raspy, but still satisfying. There's something so undeniably electric about him and the music he created with Thin Lizzy. I honestly do find myself missing him more and more each day, and getting forever sad that I'll never get to witness that magic in person. But being forever grateful that for a few moments, I can put on one of his records, those sounds can pour into my bedroom, and for those few moments, he's alive. I think that's what I love most about music, being able to connect and live vicariously through it.

Look at me being fake deep, lmao! But I need you guys to understand how much I love Thin Lizzy, and how much I adore Phil. Saying that they're one of my favorite bands would be such an understatement. And although I feel all the above sentiments quite deeply, perhaps I shouldn't be so wax poetic about it. So bear with me, because I don't think I'm quite done making a fool of myself.

"He's a sweet baby but he looks mean in his soft leather and his blue jeans he got a way, baby, with his words..." - Lana Del Rey

The above are just some song lyrics that remind me of my dear o' Phil.

I know it's super cheesy, and I'm sure I can find better use of my time, but don't you ever just love imagining yourself in another time and space? Granted the past in no walk in the park for a lot of people. And aside from fashion, style, and music, the past can be quite awful. But I admit, I love envisioning my life as a rockstar obsessed groupie in the 70s. I know that would be my calling, ha! You know, just dedicating myself and all my affection to those gorgeous musicians. You know that scene in Grease 2 (the more superior Grease, obviously), where Michelle Pfeiffer is dancing around, doing a whole routine on a step ladder, inside out bomber jacket, feathered hair, singing about how she wants a cool rider? That's me about Phil! No joke! He's my cool rider!

Anyways, it's no secret on this blog that I love to play dress up. On some nights, when I can't fall asleep, I just love putting on some groovy tunes, getting completely dolled up, turning on my red and pink Giallo -esque lighting, and taking selfies, because what else would you do? So in order for me to feel my full 1976 fantasy, I put on my black circle zipper body suit, black jeans, and to really set the mood, Thin Lizzy's Fighting record playing in the background. And then I get to work. On this particular night, I wanted to try a makeup look that would be a bit of an homage to the Thin Lizzy logo,specifically their silver mirror stage signs (I could've sworn I seen one hanging up in Metallica's HQ, and I know a few others have collected them in the past) and silly me, didn't really get any photos of it. But I created a black graphic double winged liner look, chased by some sparkly silver glitter. I also wanted to capture that feel of Philo's bass, his beautiful bass with that mirrored pickguard, and how it catches the stage lights, like a flash of lighting!

I decided to pair that eye with an ultra glossy lip. A makeup look that made me feel cool and rock n roll! Fun and edgy, but not like I was trying too hard, even though, I was! lmao! Now, a made up face is a real fine way to start, but I really wanted the look to feel complete. So I took my hair straightener and started flipping my hair out. Brushing through it, aqua netting it in position. Trying to achieve that perfect feathered look. Think Sylvie Vartan in the 70s, or even a Runaways member! I finished the whole look off with some dreamy lighting and a pair of red rhinestoned heart shaped glasses. Here's the end product!

"She's so fantastic, she's everybody's favorite little record girl. She knows music, I know music too, you see. She's got the power, I got the power, Rosalie"
And yes, I know it's originally a Bob Seger tune, but it's still appropriate I think.

This post is a bit of a mess. It's been ages since I've uploaded anything on here. I'd Like to thank Lizz and Beka for inspiring me to post something new! I forgot how much I used to love writing on here! Also, I do plan on making a tutorial on this look, and I'll add it to here when I finally make it. I'm gonna be surprised if anyone made it this far, but I'd love to send my thanks and gratitude your way if you did! Also, if you aren't listening to Thin Lizzy right about now, what are you even doing with your life? xo April