Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Drinking Champagne is a Pastime

"Pink champagne and diamond rings
Fascinating bright young things
Dancing at the discotheques

Starring from the silver screen
See you in a midnight dream... Rated X"

I've been really digging this disco dancing queen curly hair! It's soft, full, has great movement, and makes me nostalgic for a time I never lived through. I admit, I often overlook the 70's when it comes to aesthetic purposes. I like bouffants, pin curls, angora sweaters, and circle skirts. I mean, music wise, the 70's were an amazing decade, but I really never paid much attention to it style wise. That is, until I started submerging myself into 70's culture. I started off by sifting through old playboy pictorials and spreads. I love how soft all the photos looked. Actually dreamy! And I do mean everything looked soft. The feathered hair, bouncy curls, pastel colored eyelids, dusted down rosy cheeks, even down to the silk and satin lingerie. I adored it. It was almost as if the photos were taken in a room that still had cigarettes smoke lingering making the room hazy. Really something!

Then I started watching old horror films from the 70's. Films like "I Spit on your Grave" and "Carrie". That allowed me to see these styles in movement. I particularly loved that last scene in Carrie, with Sue Snell leaving flowers on Carrie's grave. Sue looked so ethereal in that dream sequence! And I feel like that really embodied the 70's disco loving teen dream look.

Here are some photos that left me inspired! We have the Queen of Disco Donna Summer. Miss Groupie Supreme Karen Umphrey. Amy Irving as Sue Snell. And some Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Models. Oh, the Love's Baby Soft ad is a bit cringe worthy, but I still adore the hair and makeup of the model on the ad.

So I put on one of my favorite Pat Benatar tunes "Rated X", it's about a glamorpuss in the adult industry, living it up in the limelight, enjoying her glory days! It was originally written and performed by Nick Gilder. Any who, I got to styling and posing for the camera. I really do dig this look, and definitely plan on wearing it out! I adore it!

Thank you for reading, my darlin' darlings! xx