Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fly on Little Wing

It's Throwback Thursday!
This is a look I did a while back, that I never got to posting! It's a 1960's Mod cut crease eye with a peachy creamsicle colored lip. I'm a firm believer that every cutie should have this makeup staple in their arsenal! It can be toned down for a more classic sixties chic look, or really dressed up for something bold and dramatic, say for a costume or what I call a "Tuesday Night Face". This particular makeup focuses mostly on the eyes. Lots of black eyeliner and long heavy eyelashes! The twiggies are what really makes this look scream 60's. Orange was a really popular lipstick color during that decade and definitely makes a statement. Though, a nude lip is usually paired with this eye, I thought a toned down tangerine would really liven this look up!

Now, this can be a tricky look, but with a little practice and understanding of your eye shape this can quickly become a 10 minute face! But let me tell you, sweeties, once you've got this nailed, not only is it satisfying but you'll want to rock it everywhere you go! I speak from experience, haha!

Anyways, here are some more photos!

Wanna achieve this look yourself? No problem! Here I have a list of products I used as well as a tutorial!

Products used:
E.L.F Under Eye Concealer
Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in "001 Transparent"
Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in "Translucent Pearl"
Maybelline New York Eye Studio Eyeliner in "Blackest Black"
E.L.F Eyebrow kit in 'Medium"
Maybelline Volum' Express Rocket Mascara in "401 Very Black"
Model21 False Eyelashes in "No. 42"
Duo Lash Adhesive in "Clear"
Sleek True Color Lipstick in "Tangerine Scream"

Thank you so much for reading, sweeties! Any questions? Always feel free to ask down below! xx

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Falling in Space

I have the house to myself this weekend! I love being able to have some time to myself, it allows me to think more freely, well, to think without interruptions or disturbances. I just enjoy "me time". I love to be alone, it's my time to recharge!
Being home alone also comes with my crazy antics. I can walk around in my underwear or just a swimsuit and not get told off. I can sing as loud as I want and not worry about getting shhh'd. It's all good fun! However by the end of a day full of Netflix and cuddling my pup, Olive, I still always to manage to play a little round of dress up!

Hair Process:
So the journey continues as I try different styles with my hair. Last night I used a curling wand and curled my hair, taking 1 inch pieces curling downwards, and after, I rolled them into pin curls. I did this to my entire head and then let the pin curls cool. I took the pins out, shook my hair around and them brushed it through with a paddle brush. I used just a touch of curling creme to smooth out the frizz.

I then realized my hair resembled Donna Hayward's in the pilot episode of Twin Peaks! She may be my least favorite character, but the girl has definitely got style!
Now, I'm not one to half ass anything, I decided to do my makeup kinda Donna-ish.

Makeup Time!
I applied my makeup in a very simple retro look. A matte face, rosy cheeks, brown eyeliner on the top lid slightly winged out and diffused, and a red lip!

Here's the final look! I was actually in my swimsuit and started getting all pose-y! I thought I was a pin-up model! haha!

And I'm gonna wrap it up with a couple of shots from my webcam. I'm with my baby, Olive!

Thank for reading, my Clementines! xx

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hymn to Her

My tumblr has been filled with very pretty vintage images lately. Old photographs, dazzling stars, and vintage smut. Memories from a time long gone. A little time capsule of a strangers life! I love finding old family photographs, it's like stumbling upon a treasure trove. I like to imagine what life was like for them. The conversations they had, the thoughts in their minds. I love to admire their keen and quirky fashion. The colors of an old Kodachrome or Polaroid photograph are what dreams are made of.

And these women in Gentlemen's magazines are always so glamorous. Hair miles high, long fluttery eyelashes, pretty undergarments, and perfectly struck poses. Very dreamy as well as bad ass! I love pulling up some of those photos and using them as inspiration to get ready. Trying to replicate their hair and makeup looks to a T! I thank these lovely ladies for my good hair and makeup days!

Then we have our Hollywood starlets of the silver screen! Their glittering allure, so magnetic! The newest and trendiest styles adorning them all the while shining in front of the lights of a camera. Hollywood being filled with a world of larger than life personas and icons.

Here are some screen shots of my tumblr! It looks like one giant pink daze! I love it! And how great are these images! I love how tumblr allows me to archive all of these inspiring and pretty images. Sometimes when life seems a little dull and boring I can always scroll down my blog and get little bursts of magic! The colors, the glamour, always great for a pick-me-up!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jeremy Scott Fall 2011: Acid Makeup

I'm playing a little bit of catch-up with previous looks I never blogged about! I'm thinking about making these looks a Throwback Thursday! So get ready for quite a few post in the future! The first look will be this!

One of my favorite things are finding inspiring photos online or in magazines; be it wearable or on the avant garde side, and recreating them at home. For the last couple of years I have seen photos from the Jeremy Scott Fall 2011 show and have fallen completely in love! I just adore how vivid all the colors are! Cartoonish and fun! My favorite look however was the acid green eye shadow, blue laced twiggy lash line, pink pouty lips, and baby spice pig tailed look! What a wonderful and animated combination!

Here is the look straight from the runway!

And now for my take

Here are a list of products that I used:
Rimmel London Match Perfection in Nude
Coastal Scents 10 Concealer Palette
Rebel's Dear Bloody Mary eyeshadow in Bright Neon Yellow
Sally Girl eye shadow in Glow Green
Sephora eye shadow in Aspen Summit
Ben Nye cream makeup in Blue
BH cosmetic palette
NYC Liquid Liner in Black Pearl
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara in Very Black
Model 21 Eyelashes
Due Lash Adhesive in Clear
Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Boncealer in Light
Wet 'n' Wild Matte lipstick in Dollhouse Pink

And now I show you how to recreate this look with a tutorial! Enjoy!