Saturday, August 10, 2013

Falling in Space

I have the house to myself this weekend! I love being able to have some time to myself, it allows me to think more freely, well, to think without interruptions or disturbances. I just enjoy "me time". I love to be alone, it's my time to recharge!
Being home alone also comes with my crazy antics. I can walk around in my underwear or just a swimsuit and not get told off. I can sing as loud as I want and not worry about getting shhh'd. It's all good fun! However by the end of a day full of Netflix and cuddling my pup, Olive, I still always to manage to play a little round of dress up!

Hair Process:
So the journey continues as I try different styles with my hair. Last night I used a curling wand and curled my hair, taking 1 inch pieces curling downwards, and after, I rolled them into pin curls. I did this to my entire head and then let the pin curls cool. I took the pins out, shook my hair around and them brushed it through with a paddle brush. I used just a touch of curling creme to smooth out the frizz.

I then realized my hair resembled Donna Hayward's in the pilot episode of Twin Peaks! She may be my least favorite character, but the girl has definitely got style!
Now, I'm not one to half ass anything, I decided to do my makeup kinda Donna-ish.

Makeup Time!
I applied my makeup in a very simple retro look. A matte face, rosy cheeks, brown eyeliner on the top lid slightly winged out and diffused, and a red lip!

Here's the final look! I was actually in my swimsuit and started getting all pose-y! I thought I was a pin-up model! haha!

And I'm gonna wrap it up with a couple of shots from my webcam. I'm with my baby, Olive!

Thank for reading, my Clementines! xx

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