Sunday, May 13, 2012

Be My Baby

So as I've mentioned before, I have an obsession with the sixties. And my goal in life is to marry a musician(or Matthew Gray Gubler), learn grandmotherly skills by the time I'm 25 and to perfect quintessential sixties fashion staples. I've gotten pretty good at the cut crease mod eye, and I've been doing cat eyes since I first started wearing makeup. Clothing wise, I do a wonderful job at putting outfits together(check out my polyvore sometime). And one of my favorite fashion staples is the beehive. Oh, how I adore big hair! The bigger the better, I always say! However, if you're familiar with the beehive, you know how difficult it can be to do. Now I don't have very much hair to begin with. So I questioned whether or not I would need to buy some wefts or make a hair rat. My mother told me how her aunts would put balled up newspaper in their beehives to make it stand taller. But I opted against it. I wanted to try to use all my own hair.

So I turned on The Ronettes, and got to styling! I think it took about 30 minutes to do. I was playing around with it to see what looked best. I think I've finally got a set way of achieving it!

Have a look-see!
So I'm actually rocking the beehive again today. I wanted to style my hair like this everyday for a week, to make sure I got the hang of it. I'm planning on filming a tutorial at the end to share with you guys! But before that I have to perfect this baby. How exciting!

Well here's a video of me being a goofball! I felt like Kate Pierson or Cindy Wilson from The B-52's!

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