Monday, May 7, 2012

60's Throwback!

I just love the sixties! Music, fashion, hair, and makeup! Not to mention it's really rich in culture and history. I'm just so fascinated by the sixties, I often find myself obsessing over it!

The one 60's staple that I've been trying to perfect is the cut crease mod eye! Everyone from Twiggy Larson, Sharon Tate, Pattie Boyd, and Edie Sedgwick have been seen sporting variations of the look!
It's not the easiest look to achieve! But here are a few of my attempts. I did a blue look similar to the one Twiggy's sporting, and a more classic cut crease. Note: My skin was extra dry and patchy due to a recent breakout. it's much better now, but looked awful here.

Here is the blue look.

And here is the more classic neutral cut crease!

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