Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lace and Paper Flowers

First off I haven't blogged in quite a while. So I apologize for that. Not that I think anyone reads my blog anyway aha. But I haven't been up to much. Actually I spent the entire last weekend watching "Bones" on Netflix. And may I say I'm torn between Hodgins and Lance Sweets. Ahh swoon =) But enough about that. Lets talk the present.

Okay so I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac all day. As well as just staring at photos of the original "Gold Dust Woman" herself Stevie Nicks. So needless to say that inspired me so style myself after her. I just put some waves in my hair with a little bit of Beyond the Zone Noodle Head. And as for makeup I used rust/bronze colors. With just a hint of gold. When I think of Stevie, I think about her Ethereal quality she possesses. I think of flowing chiffon, and well...lace and paper flowers(10 points if you know which song the last two were from without having to search around). She dressed like a Gypsy, although Stevie herself describes it Witchy, notably calling her uniform Stevie Garb.

So here are some photos that inspired me. As well as a list of songs that really get me into my Stevie mode: Rhiannon, Gypsy, Gold Dust Woman, Dreams.
And here are photos of myself in Stevie Garb. Just a for warning there are a plethora of photos below...and yes, they are all of myself.
Side note: I feel that me being brunette, this is more reminiscent of Grace Slick and Ann Wilson.
And yet some more...
And lastly some pictures of the eyemakeup. Please excuse my brows. I'm in need of some tweezing.
And I did purposely put my nail in there. I thought the pink music note was adorable =)

Well I think that it for this post!

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