Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I've Told Every Little Star

I'm the kinda gal who only ever gets her haircut once a year, and it's usually around July/August! As you guys could see, I needed one badly! Now, it's no secret that I enjoy big hair. Bouffants and Beehives make my heart go pitter patter! I don't know what it is... As a child I would hear stories from my mother about her Aunt's having sky high hair! They would use rats, hair pieces, and even rolled up newspaper to make their hair stand tall. Those stories were also paired with one's describing their makeup and clothes! Long full false eyelashes, pink frosty lipstick, sequins, and skin tight skirts! Mini dresses and go-go boots! The epitome of glamour to a very young girl! Now as adult I still strive to be my idea of a glamorous firecracker!

These are a few hairspiration photos! How cute are these looks!

So, no surprise that when I got my hair cut the other day I asked for something that would allow me to create the above looks! This hair has got me feeling like Charlize Theron in "That Thing You Do!" and Camilla Rhodes from "Mulholland Drive". I even caught myself singing Linda Scott's I've Told Every Little Star. I also feel like a mixture between Colleen Corby and Jackie O. I think it's fun, glamorous, huge, and it has a great nostalgic 60's vibe to it! I think I'm gonna have loads of fun dressing up! Plus accessorizing with bows and headbands, how dreamy!

Here are some photos of myself on my first full day of me sporting my new hair as well as a before shot! I feel so glam! I even feel like my mood has been lifted! haha! I do kinda wish I was an icy blonde(darn you, Charlize!), but I love my brown locks!

I feel like I should invest in some Pillbox hats! How adorable would that be?

Here's my favorite scene from "Mulholland Drive". I just really love Melissa George's look in this film! And I love sweet 60's love songs! These two things together only make me charmed!


  1. An amazingly glamourous post as always! I love how you find similar styles in all of your icons and then do your own interpretation! Your new 'do looks absolutely stunning! <3

  2. Thank you, Elle Belle! I'm thrilled that you took notice of that detail! I always try to do just that and make it my own! And golly, you're the sweetest! You're beautiful, baby! <3

  3. You hair looks great and your makeup matches the style perfectly. You look so cute!

  4. Oh, my! Thank you so much, ArkhamMA! That makes me so happy to hear! xx

  5. Your hair is so cute!!! I just found your blog & I love it ^-^

    1. D'aww! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you stopped by, I wouldn't have ever been introduced to your lovely blog! And your hair is amazing! xx