Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Doll you're so Sick

I've really been enjoying this baby doll look! After last nights shenanigans I got to thinking; my hair reminded me of these photos of Charlotte Free for the Jeremy Scott S/S 2012 Runway Show! As you can see the teased pigtail look was sported by Miss Free. And paired with that cute hair was this baby doll makeup look! Peach colored cheeks, winged liner, twiggies, a pink glossy lip, and some artificial freckles to finish the whole look off! Precious!

I mean check it out! Cute to boot!

Well here was my take on this fabulous look! I went a bit more pink on the cheeks. I originally just glanced at the look as opposed to really studying it for my recreation. Whoops! But sweeping that with a peach blush is an easy fix! Also, dotting on freckles is a lot harder than it looks!

And before I forget, you guys should check out my beautiful friend, Lizz's blog! She's totally cute and is a fellow Diamond and her blog is to die for! Gawk at all that is pink and cute here!

There was a piece of hair stuck to my face from my makeup brush. Welp! *shrugs shoulders*

Thank you so much for reading babies! Until next time! xx

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