Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's a Girl Supposed to Do?

I've been out of the blogging loop for a while. I just have been uninspired and frankly lazy about it. But enough! I've recently have been inspired by my dear friend Kistchy-Princess! She's lovely, sweet, and kitschy! Everyone should go follow her here! I've been bored to death at home. This crazy summer heat makes for a very grumpy me. I've been feeling a bit down and not-so-cute! So for a little pick me up I put on The Shangri-las and got to styling! Getting dolled up is my favorite thing to do!

My hair was inspired by these photos of the glamorous Brigitte Bardot and Anna Karina. Cute, sweet, and big! Dolly Parton would be proud! The makeup was Anna Karina in "A Woman is a Woman" inspired! Powder blue on the lids and an alluring winged eye! I used "Dollhouse Pink" Wet 'N' Wild lipstick with a touch of "Pink Lady". I think the look is very 1960's with a bit of Lolita flare!

First for some tuneage! I picked this cd up for $7 at F.Y.E! It was $12 but since there was a tiny crack on the cd cover it got marked down! Yay!

I didn't snap any photos of the makeup process, oh well! But I did in fact get a few shots of myself in rollers! My lovely friend Elle was right! Everyone looks glam in rollers! Granted we were talking about Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Victoria Secret models at the time, but still! I love my giant conair hot rollers but I loathe the metal pins! I really ought to pick up some actual roller clips at Sally's.

Anyways here are some photos of me in rollers! Oh Boy!

And now one with the rollers out! So glam, I know! To be honest though I felt like Ann-Margret, and that's always a swell thing!

And now the completed look! Note: Very pic heavy! I'm a narcissistic gal! *wink*

And what the rest of my night looks like! Playing dress up, a little bit of light reading and some flicks! I also took a few random shots of things in my room! I sensed a little theme going on, might as well run with it!

Welp, babies! I'm gonna leave you with this video of The Shangri-las singing "Give him a Great Big Kiss". They are too precious for words and this song is awfully sweet! Mwuah!xx


  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out! your hair, it looks amazing, you're right Dolly would be proud! Loving the new banner too xx

    1. Oh, no problem, sweetie! Your blog is sooo cute and inspired me to do posts again! So THANK YOU!!! I'm enjoying my long hair before I cute it! haha! And thank you! I thought the pink pup in rollers was fitting! xx