Monday, February 20, 2012

Isn't she Pretty in Pink..

"Pretty in Pink" has always been one of my favorite movies. Although I must admit, I find both Andie and Blain unlikable. I was, however, quite fond of Iona and Duckie.

Here's my logic:
Blain acted like he was all interested in Andie. But c'mon. You don't forget about your girlfriend when you "Supposedly" invited someone else to prom. Like really. That's bullshit, Blain. You know you were only concerned about what your friends thought. And that sappy speech about how you "always believed in her"...Cut the crap.

And thought I don't believe anyone should owe anyone kindness, I do believe you could have been a little nicer to the Duckman. I admit he was immature at times but he was your best friend and also didn't want you to get hurt. Lastly,Andie, I can never forgive you for destroying Iona's beautiful prom dress and turning it into a hideous potato sack.

Now, I'm a bit biased. I'm in love with Duckie! I just adore him. His style, his humor, and he can ride his bike past my house anytime!

But this post is for Iona. She has got to be the coolest character ever! Her style is flawless! And like someone told me " She changed styles often, but deep down inside was always just Iona". Now she sported quite a few looks in the movie. You had Punk Rock Iona, 40's bombshell Iona, Platinum blonde Iona, and Miami vice Iona. But my favorite look by afar was the 60's Nostalgia prom Iona. This is when we get introduced to the pretty in pink polka dot dress.

This post is dedicated to her makeup. She wore a pastel blue frosty shadow w/ bubblegum pink lips and cheeks. Thick winged liner, and killer lashes.

Iona Inspiration!

Now for my rendition of Annie Pott's Iona Pretty in Pink look!

Here's the tutorial!


  1. I love how you used blue eyeshadow, pink lips and dont look like a clown! And your eyebrows are gorgeous! I have an obsession with eyebrows at the moment! Keep in touch x

  2. Woww you really know with make up. Love this look you are so pretty :)xx