Monday, February 20, 2012

I heard that you like the bad girls. Honey, is that true?

As many(or few) of you know, I'm quite obsessed with the lovely Lana Del Rey. The sweet vibrato in her voice. She has this splendid huskiness when she sings, which I find to be very Lauren Bacall. Her lyrics are very pure, And you can't deny her beauty.

So I've been playing around with hair and makeup, and have decided on doing a tutorial. The look I've chosen is from that Video Games promo photo. I think you know which one I'm referring to. She's staring intently into the camera and gracing her beautiful head is a floral crown.

So here are some photos and a tutorial based on the look.


And my rendition of the look. I made the floral crown. I was feeling like such a crafty kitten...Meow!

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